Tero Potila - Services

As a seasoned composer, producer, and songwriter with a rich history in the music industry and an extensive body of works, I am excited to offer a range of services tailored to meet your creative and professional needs. My services encompass the following areas:

Composer Services

Composer and producer of the orchestral score for the PGA Golf European Tour international ad campaign
  • Feature Films, Short Films and TV Shows: Crafting bespoke scores that bring your cinematic vision to life.
  • Video Games Score And Sound Design: Developing a unique soundtrack and sonic identity that capture the essence of the game’s theme and narrative.
  • Advertisements and Trailers: Creating impactful and memorable scores that enhance your promotional content.
  • Jingles: Composing catchy and effective jingles for commercials, radio spots, and branding purposes.

Music Production Services

  • Providing top-tier production quality to artists and projects of all genres.
  • Offering recording, mixing, and mastering services to elevate your sound to professional standards through my production company.

Song Co-writing

  • Collaborating to create compelling and original music.
  • Specializing in various genres and styles to fit your artistic vision.

Public Speaking

  • Engaging presentations and talks on topics such as music composition and production, the business of music, networking in the music industry, and creative processes.

Music Business Consulting

  • Offering expert advice on navigating the industry, including marketing strategies, copyright laws, and networking.
  • Tailored consulting sessions to help artists, composers, and producers achieve their career goals.
  • Comprehensive guidance on any aspect of the music industry, from creative direction to business development.

Each service is backed by my extensive experience, industry knowledge, and a deep passion for music. I am dedicated to delivering excellence and helping clients achieve success in their musical endeavors.

For more information or to discuss a project, please feel free to get in touch.