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September 15, 1943 – August 21, 2021 ~ A fond reflection from the staff of JT Music: “Mr. Johnny Thompson, our cherished ‘boss’ of the legendary Johnny Thompson Music store, but simply ‘JT’ as we usually call him and for the most part, the community dignitary for music arts and education, the stalwart of community service for young people’s education, both a father figure and an unassuming champion of bridging and bringing together many generations of people from around the world, congregating around the beautiful humanity of music, we miss you. Johnny, thank you for all the years of magic through music and learning…the legend of JT Music transcends all boundaries.”…

June 27, 2023,

Sadly, the original website is no longer in use after Mr Thompson’s passing. But I want to honor his amazing legacy, and now the JohnnyThompsonMusic website is a part of – the top resource for musicians from beginners to pros, providing industry insights, music business advice, instruments, musical gear and technology, marketing, and tips on how to make a living from a career in music.

There are a lot of affinities between my articles and I’m honored to welcome the new visitors and readers.

I also share a lot of the same experiences and knowledge as a musician. Here are just a few worth mentioning:

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