Top 13 Best Power Conditioners For Audio (2024)

Power conditioners protect your sensitive electronic devices from voltage fluctuations and power surges. Having one can save your computer gear and files from a disaster That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the 13 best power conditioners in this article. Below are my top 5 choices.

best overall
Furman PL-Plus DMC

Furman PL-Plus DMC

If you’re looking for the highest quality general power confitioner, look no more! The Furman PL-Plus DMC has you covered without completely breaking your bank.

best budget
Furman M-8x2

Furman M-8×2

The Furman M-8×2 easily provides the best combination of features, protection and value for general power conditioning needs without all the expensive extra features.

best quality
Radial Engineering Power 1

Radial Engineering P-1

The Radial Engineering Power-1 provides comprehensive protection for all your electronic gear without compromise. Its noise filtering and surge protection are top notch.

best value
Furman M-8X-AR

Furman M-8X-AR

The Furman M-8X-AR steps up the game to another level. Furman delivers with this unit by providing protection that’s enough for any home studio and other similar use..

best high end
Furman P 1800AR

Furman P-1800AR

The Furman P-1800AR Is a top-tier power conditioner. If you want high end, this is a great unit to consider. Your gear will run without issues with this top of the line model.

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Top 13 Best Power Conditioners For Audio (2024)

Power conditioners act as a buffer between the outlet and your system, smoothing out voltage inconsistencies and filter out radio and electromagnetic interference that can negatively impact performance.


  • Surge Protection: Power conditioners offer built-in surge protection, safeguarding electronic devices from voltage spikes and power surges that can damage components.
  • Line Conditioning: They act as line conditioners, smoothing voltage fluctuations from the power grid to provide consistent power, preventing performance issues.
  • Voltage Regulation: Power conditioners maintain a constant voltage output, regardless of input fluctuations, ensuring stable power for devices.
  • Electrical Noise Filtering: They filter out electrical noise, offering a clean power supply that enhances performance.
  • Applications and Selection: Power conditioners benefit home studios, home theaters, live concerts, and workspaces with electronic devices. Consider factors like device types, voltage ratings, and features when selecting the right one.

Power Conditioners: Vital Protection

I use a Furman power conditioner and a few others in my home recording studio. Together, they provide enough protection that my gear and backups are protected.

My music production business depends on them as the electric grid here in Florida can sometimes be somewhat unstable due to storms.

Investing in a good power conditioner ensures optimal audio and video equipment performance, including amplifiers and radios. Today we rely on our technology more than ever! So it’s great you’re look into power conditioners so you’re protected.

The market offers a variety of power conditioners to suit your specific needs, from home theater power conditioners to rack-mountable ones for professional use.

As you explore the benefits and options available, it’s important to choose a power conditioner that matches your requirements and efficiently safeguards your valuable equipment from potential electrical issues. 

By doing so, you can extend the life of your devices and maintain their performance at the highest level.

Here’s a list of my top recommended power conditioners.

1. Furman PL-Plus DMC

Furman PL-Plus DMC

The Furman PL-Plus DMC is a reliable choice for your music studio. It features advanced protection for your gear, a pull-out LED light for easy visibility, and a clear digital voltmeter to monitor incoming line voltage. Your equipment will be well-protected with its noise filtering and top-notch build quality.

2. Furman M-8×2

Furman M-8×2

The Furman M-8 ×2 is an affordable power conditioner with eight outlets to safeguard your studio equipment. It offers high-quality noise filtering and surge protection, ensuring your devices are free from unwanted electrical disturbances.

3. Radial Engineering Power-1

Radial Engineering Power-1

Radial Engineering’s Power-1 is a noteworthy power conditioner for your studio. It provides comprehensive surge suppression and noise filtering, ensuring your gear receives clean, stable power.

4. Furman M-8X-AR

Furman M-8X-AR

Furman’s M-8X-AR is another excellent choice, featuring voltage regulation, noise filtering, and sturdy construction. This 15-amp power conditioner provides a stable voltage supply to your gear, ensuring optimal performance and protection from voltage fluctuations.

5. Furman P-1800AR

Furman P-1800AR

The Furman P-1800AR stands out as a top-tier power conditioner. Your equipment will run smoothly and noise-free with its True RMS voltage regulation and advanced linear filtering. Additionally, it protects against voltage spikes and variations, ensuring the longevity of your devices.

6. Furman PST-8D SMP EVS LiFT


The Furman PST-8D SMP EVS LiFT is a robust power conditioner offering advanced protection with its Series Multi-Stage Protection and Linear Filtering Technology. It ensures clean, filtered AC power, reducing noise and improving the performance of connected devices. The unit also features eight outlets and a compact design, making it a versatile choice for various setups.

7. Panamax MR4000

Panamax MR4000

The Panamax MR 4000 is a high-quality power conditioner that safeguards home theater systems. It offers eight protected and filtered outlets, Automatic Voltage Monitoring, and Protect or Disconnect™ technology for ultra-fast response to surges. With its clean power delivery and comprehensive protection, the MR4000 enhances audio and video performance while extending the life of your equipment.

8. Panamax M4315-PRO

Panamax M4315-PRO

The Panamax M4315-PRO is a top-tier power conditioner with 8 individually controllable outlets. It features Panamax’s revolutionary AVM (Automatic Voltage Monitoring) circuit and Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), ensuring your equipment receives clean, stable power. It also includes BlueBOLT for secure, hosted IP system control and monitoring. This unit is perfect for those seeking advanced power management with control system interactive functionality.

9. Eliminator Lighting E107USB

Eliminator Lighting E107USB

The Eliminator Lighting E107USB is a convenient 8-channel power strip with two USB ports for added connectivity. Its solid construction, built-in breaker switch, and surge protection suit your studio needs.

10. Monster Power Center Vertex XL

Monster Power Center Vertex XL

The Monster Power Center Vertex XL is an elite surge protector that also functions as a power hub. It offers 5,000 joules of surge protection, 10 grounded AC outlets, and a detachable USB hub with a 20W USB-C Power Delivery port and two fast-charge USB-A ports. The 6-foot cord is tangle-free and spill-proof, and its overall design is sleek and modern, making it a versatile addition to any workspace or home setup.

11. Furman SS-6B Pro

Furman SS-6B Pro

The Furman SS-6B Pro features a simple and effective design, offering a heavy-duty power strip with six outlets. It reliably gives your studio equipment clean power and protects against potential surges.

12. Furman AC-215A

Furman AC-215A

The compact Furman AC-215A provides powerful surge protection, noise filtering, and a two-outlet design. Its slim build is perfect for limited space yet still delivers the performance your studio needs.

13. Juice Goose JG11-15A

Juice Goose JG11-15A

Finally, the Juice Goose JG11-15A is a rack-mountable power conditioner with 11 outlets, power surge protection, and noise filtering. Ideal for a rack setup, it helps maintain an organized studio environment while ensuring your gear’s safety.

Understanding Power Conditioners

Power conditioners help protect sensitive electronic devices by offering several features addressing various power quality issues. This section will explain the different aspects of power conditioners and how they can benefit your electronic equipment.

Surge Protection

Surge protectors guard your electronic devices against sudden voltage spikes and power surges, which can damage components and shorten their lifespan. Power conditioners generally include built-in surge protection, ensuring your equipment is safe from fluctuations.

Line Conditioning

Your electronic equipment may be sensitive to voltage fluctuations from the power grid. Power conditioners act as a line conditioners, smoothing out these voltage fluctuations to provide consistent power to the connected devices. This helps prevent poor performance and potential damage due to inconsistent voltage levels.

Voltage Regulation

Voltage regulators in power conditioners maintain a constant voltage output to the connected devices, regardless of input voltage fluctuations. This ensures your equipment receives a stable power supply, preventing malfunctions and extending the life of your devices.

Electrical Noise Filtering

Electrical noise caused by interference from other electronic devices or power grid disturbances can adversely affect the performance and lifespan of your equipment. Power conditioners filter out electrical noise, providing your devices with a “clean” power supply for optimal performance.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Some power conditioners include an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) feature. This provides a backup power source in case of a power outage, allowing your devices to continue operating for a limited time. This can be essential for preventing data loss, maintaining system uptime, or allowing for a safe and orderly shutdown of sensitive equipment.

By understanding the key features and benefits of power conditioners, you will be better equipped to protect your electronic devices from various power quality issues. Your equipment will experience enhanced performance and a prolonged lifespan, giving you peace of mind knowing it is safeguarded against power disturbances.

Applications of Power Conditioners

Home Studios

Power conditioners are essential for home studios, as they help maintain clean power to your audio equipment, like computers, speakers, audio interfaces, and microphones. By filtering out electrical noise, they improve sound quality and protect your gear from damaging voltage fluctuations. 

High-end power conditioners like Furman PL can effectively combat radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensuring your recordings are free from unwanted artifacts.

Home Theaters

Your home theater system can greatly benefit from a power conditioner. AC line noise and power fluctuations can harm the performance of home theater equipment, including your TV, speakers, and other electronic devices. A power conditioner will smooth out the voltage, minimize line noise, and enhance the audio and video experience.

Some key features to consider when choosing a power conditioner for your home theater system include:

  • Surge protection: Safeguards your valuable equipment from sudden voltage spikes
  • Noise filtration: Reduces RFI/EMI and minimizes audio and visual distortions
  • USB charging ports: Conveniently charge mobile devices without the need for a separate power strip

Live Concerts

Power conditioners also play a crucial role in live concert settings. Unstable power sources and electrical interference can negatively affect audio equipment, such as PA speakers and mixing consoles. Utilizing a power conditioner ensures that your live setup receives clean power, which leads to optimal sound quality and safe operation of your devices.

Some useful features for live concert power conditioners include:

  • Voltage regulation: Maintains steady voltage levels despite fluctuations from the AC line
  • Rack-mountable design: Fits seamlessly into your gear setup, providing easy access to outlets
  • Built-in LED indicators: Display vital information, such as voltage levels and protection status

Electronic Equipment in Workspaces

A power conditioner can protect your equipment from damage and maintain performance quality in workspaces with multiple electronic devices. This protection extends to computers, printers, and other office machines sensitive to voltage spikes and line noise.

Key factors to consider when selecting a power conditioner for your workspace include:

  • Outlet capacity: Ensures sufficient connectivity for all your devices
  • Isolation transformer: Protects your electronic devices and prevents electrical noise from spreading through the system
  • Power factor correction: Adjusts power consumption to match the needs of your equipment, improving efficiency and reducing energy costs

Selecting the Right Power Conditioner

Factors to Consider

When selecting a power conditioner, there are several factors to take into account:

  1. Type and quality: Power conditioning devices can range from less than $80 to $3,000. Although lower-priced options can still offer protection, higher-quality models often provide additional features and better overall performance.
  2. Voltage regulation: Look for a conditioner that maintains a constant output voltage, protecting your sensitive electronics from voltage fluctuations and power surges.
  3. Electromagnetic and radio interference removal: A good power conditioner should remove electromagnetic and radio interference from the AC line, ensuring your amplifiers, radios, and other audio/video equipment perform at their best.
  4. Usability and form factor: For those with desktop studios or limited space, consider power conditioners that come in a “power strip” format, like the Furman SS-6B, as they can be more convenient to use and store.
  5. Outlets and surge protection: Inspect the number of outlets provided and whether the conditioner has additional point-of-use surge protection.

Tips for Protecting Electronic Devices

Cable Management and Types

Proper cable management is essential for protecting your electronic devices from power-related issues. Start by organizing and securing your cables to prevent tension or accidental unplugging. Using the right types of cables and extension cords will also make a difference in preventing power issues. Use surge suppressors with your AC power cables to reduce the risk of damage from power surges.

Some power conditioners, like the Furman M-8, offer built-in cable management and support for various types of cables. Choosing a power conditioner tailored to your specific electronic gear will ensure optimal device protection.

Battery Backup Options

Investing in a battery backup or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is a good idea to protect your electronic devices during power outages. A UPS system provides a temporary power source in case of power failures, preventing your devices from experiencing sudden disconnects and possible damage.

Battery backups are available in various sizes and capacities, allowing you to choose the optimal setup for your electronic gear and power needs. They offer protection from power outages and minimize the impact of waveform distortions and dirty power often found in regular power lines.

Extra Layers of Protection

To go the extra mile in safeguarding your electronic devices, consider adding additional layers of protection. This can include using advanced power products today, such as voltage regulators, line conditioners, and isolation transformers. These devices work with your power conditioner to filter out power supply disturbances, prolonging your electronic gear’s lifespan.

Protecting your devices from power-related issues is ultimately the customer’s responsibility. Investing in the proper equipment and maintaining a clean, organized setup can significantly reduce the risk of damage and get the most out of your electronic investments.

Benefits of a Power Conditioner

Improved Performance

Power conditioners help improve the performance of your electronic devices by removing noise and filtering out electromagnetic interference. This results in a cleaner, more stable power supply for sensitive electronics such as audio equipment, computers, and communication devices. When using a power conditioner, you can expect better sound quality from your audio system and more reliable performance from your electronic gadgets.

Increased Lifespan of Electronics

A great power conditioner provides extra protection for your expensive electronics. It does this by smoothing out smaller surges and voltage fluctuations that can degrade the components over time. As a result, your devices are less likely to experience premature failure, effectively increasing their lifespan. This is particularly important for sensitive electronics, such as air conditioners and medical equipment, which unstable power can negatively affect.

Protection from Electrical Disturbances

One of the main reasons to use a power conditioner is to protect your electronic devices from voltage surges that can occur through electrical lines, phone lines, coax TV inputs, and LAN connections. These disturbances can result in system failures, data loss, and costly equipment damage. A power conditioner is an additional safeguard for your valuable electronics by offering protection from electrical disturbances.

Remember, choosing the right power conditioner for your needs is essential. This involves considering factors such as:

  • The types of devices you need to protect
  • The input and output plug types ensure compatibility with your electronics
  • Voltage ratings for your specific region (120V/60Hz in the US, or 220V/50Hz in Europe)

Power Conditioner Limitations and Maintenance

Handling Voltage Drops, Spikes, and High Voltage

Power conditioners are designed to provide a stable and clean power supply to your electronic devices by smoothing out voltage fluctuations. However, they may not be as effective in handling extreme voltage drops or surges, which could still pose a risk to your equipment. In such situations, you should consider a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system, which can offer additional protection from voltage drops and high voltage and noise filtering.

Remember that power conditioners primarily protect your devices from voltage fluctuations and radio and electromagnetic interference; thus, they’re ideal for improving the performance and lifespan of your electronic devices. However, they may not provide the same level of protection against power surges and spikes as a dedicated surge protector would. For optimum protection and performance, consider using appliances like UPS systems, surge protectors, and power conditioners.

Lifespan and Warranty Terms

Like any other electronic device, power conditioners also have a finite lifespan. 

Typically, they last several years, but their effectiveness may diminish due to wear and tear. Keeping track of the power conditioner’s age and performance is essential to protect your devices.

Manufacturers often provide warranty terms and conditions for their power conditioners, which may cover defects or failures within a specified time frame. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the warranty terms of your power conditioner and consult with Crutchfield advisors or the manufacturer’s lifetime tech support for any concerns or maintenance-related inquiries. Regular maintenance and timely replacements can extend the lifespan of your power conditioner and your connected electronic devices.

Finally, when purchasing a power conditioner, look for models that provide extra outlets to accommodate more electronic devices in your setup, ensuring that all of them are protected and function optimally within your electrical system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a power conditioner?

Power conditioners provide clean power to your electronic devices and offer protection against voltage fluctuations and power surges. By doing so, you can extend the lifespan of your sensitive electronics, like computers, lab equipment, and home theaters. Additionally, power conditioners can improve the performance of audio and video systems by reducing noise and interference.

How do power conditioners improve audio quality?

Power conditioners can improve your audio quality by filtering out electrical noise and interference in your power supply. This results in a cleaner sound with less distortion, hum, or hiss, allowing you to enjoy a more precise and enjoyable listening experience.

What is the difference between a power conditioner and a surge protector?

While both power conditioners and surge protectors offer protection against power surges, power conditioners also provide noise filtration, voltage regulation, and improved power quality. Surge protectors, on the other hand, primarily focus on safeguarding your devices from sudden voltage spikes.

How do power conditioners protect electrical devices?

Power conditioners protect your devices by regulating voltage, filtering electrical noise, and safeguarding against power surges. These features ensure that your sensitive electronics receive clean and stable power, preventing potential damage caused by voltage fluctuations or electromagnetic interference.

Are there different types of power conditioners available?

Yes, various types of power conditioners cater to different needs. Some power conditioners focus on voltage regulation, while others emphasize noise filtering or surge protection. Some models offer additional features like a phone line, Ethernet, and cable conditioning. It’s crucial to assess your specific requirements before choosing a power conditioner for your setup.

What factors should be considered when purchasing a power conditioner?

When purchasing a power conditioner, consider factors such as the quality of your power supply, the sensitivity of your devices, and the overall performance of your audio or video system. Also, consider the type of protection required, the number of outlets needed, and any specific features, like cable conditioning or phone line protection, that suit your setup. Last, consider the price range and available warranty for the power conditioner you intend to buy.


Investing in a power conditioner for your electronic devices with sensitive components, such as your home studio, home theater, or industrial systems, has multiple benefits. It ensures your equipment receives clean and stable power, free from voltage fluctuations, electrical transients, and RF interference.

Power conditioners provide better protection than surge protectors, limiting voltage spikes and filtering out electrical noise. Using a power conditioner, you can minimize audio and video distortions caused by background noise from radio or TV stations, mobile devices, and household appliances.

When choosing a power conditioner, consider its features, like isolated outlet banks, advanced power conditioning, and an appropriate amperage capacity to match your needs. Brands such as Furman offer reliable and effective options for various use cases.

In summary, integrating a high-quality power conditioner into your setup can greatly enhance your equipment’s performance, reliability, and stability and protect it from potential harm caused by voltage fluctuations and noisy power sources. So, give your electronic devices the clean power they require to operate seamlessly while prolonging their lifespan.

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