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MusicMarketingClassroom established itself as the premier online music marketing and promotions platform. I want to provide the site’s readers and customers the same advice and resources, and so now the MusicMarketingClassroom website is a part of – the top resource for music marketing.

My site covers the latest on everything about music marketing and how to be successful in professional roles in the music businesss, such as a band, artist, writer, producer, publisher, publicist, manager, social media marketer and many others. The posts on cover everyone from beginners to pros.

There are many articles on overlap with the knowledge and support provided by MusicMarketingClassroom, and I’m honored to welcome the new visitors and readers.

I’ve worked as a full time producer, songwriter and composer in the music business for a long time and share a lot of the same experiences and knowledge. Here are just a few articles worth mentioning:

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