What I’m Doing Now…

Tero Potila - now


I live in St Petersburg, FL with my beautiful wife and two wonderful kids, Kai and Mila.


I’m working on three videogame scores, several song co-write and production projects, and one trailer music album.


I love writing about music, especially how to make a living from music on my blog and guest posts whenever I get a chance in between work and family time.

What I Do In My Spare Time

You probably guessed it… my spare time is extremely limited right now. But I do get some time to hit the gym, watch a movie, or read a book. Right now I’m really into the Danish mystery author Steffen Jacobsen’s series of books.

Latest Announcements

October 2023: JohnnyThompsonMusic Is now part of TeroPotila.com.

December 2023: MusicMarketingClassroom is now part of TeroPotila.com.